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Hi there, thanks for visiting, good to have you here. I’m MaryFash, a Strategy & Systems Business Coach. I help Coaches to increase sales and create consistent flow of income in their businesses.

MaryFash Ltd is a Manchester based coaching and consulting company for Coaches with over 7 years of experience in guiding and directing professional coaches looking to increase sales and grow their businesses by leveraging Social Media.

At MaryFash ltd, I teach coaches how they can increase their sales using my Clarity To Sales™️ Methodology to lay the right foundation that will propel them for growth and success.  

I am proficient in assessing individuals' skills and business needs, understanding where they are and where they would like to be (Gap Analysis). I work collaboratively with my clients while I monitor their progress. I am experienced in coaching and guiding individuals to fulfil their coaching business potential and goals. 

My core message encourages coaches not to be afraid to step out, embrace opportunities, cherish relationships, live courageously, and excel.



At MaryFash ltd, we have the CAN-DO attitude which communicates through our involvement and relationship with our clients. We have a positive and growth attitude towards anyone and businesses that come our way.


Here at MaryFash, we are result-driven, and we make sure we work with, support, and give our clients the right strategies to make sure they achieve their desired results.


I am knowledgeable at what I do – with double degrees in International Business and Management with a focus on Strategies. I am also a member of a few associations which enable continuous learning and growth to help our clients become better as individuals and as businesses.

My 4 STEP Pathway


This is where I listen to your business and where you need me to HELP  


I analyse and evaluate your business current state which then leads to proposed solutions to achieve your business GOALS.


I communicate the result of analysis and evaluation of your business current state with proposed solutions for your business GROWTH. 


This is where we work together to implement the chosen proposed


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